Mission Statement and Core Values:

The Global University mission statement and core values play a vital role in promoting social responsibility as a fundamental principle. These principles are integrated across various facets of campus life, from curriculum development to student affairs, ensuring that students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to become socially responsible individuals. The Global University mission statement typically encompasses its fundamental purpose and goals. It often includes a commitment to social responsibility, emphasizing the importance of contributing positively to society and addressing societal challenges. This mission statement serves as a guiding principle for all activities and decisions on campus. Core values are the fundamental beliefs and principles that shape the Global University culture and behavior. When social responsibility is explicitly highlighted as one of these core values, it sets the tone for the entire university community.

These core values influence teaching and learning experiences in various ways:

Curriculum Development

The integration of social responsibility into the curriculum is a crucial component of promoting it as a fundamental principle. Courses and programs are designed in a way that encourages students to explore social issues, engage in critical thinking, and develop solutions to societal challenges. This integration ensures that students understand their role in creating a positive impact on society.

Research and Innovation

The university actively encourages research and innovation that address social issues and contribute to the betterment of society. Faculty members and researchers are encouraged to focus on areas such as sustainability, social justice, and community development. By promoting socially responsible research and innovation, the Global University takes a proactive approach in addressing societal concerns.

Service-Learning and Community Engagement

Global University emphasize service-learning and community engagement as a means to foster social responsibility. Through these initiatives, students are given opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world contexts, addressing community needs and creating positive change. These experiences enhance students' understanding of social issues and their responsibility towards society.

Student Affairs and Leadership Development

The principles of social responsibility are integrated into various aspects of student affairs, leadership development, and co-curricular activities. Student organizations and clubs often focus on community service, social justice, and sustainability. Leadership development programs incorporate the values of empathy, inclusivity, and ethical decision-making, ensuring that students are prepared to become socially responsible leaders.

Curriculum Integration

At Global University, the curriculum is intentionally designed to foster social responsibility and promote awareness of global issues across various academic disciplines. The Global University commitment to integrating social responsibility is evident through specific majors and departments that offer courses and programs centered around sustainability, poverty alleviation, human rights, and global health.

Service-Learning and Community Engagement

At Global University, the service-learning and community engagement programs are designed to provide students with a comprehensive experience that goes beyond the classroom. These programs aim to foster active citizenship, create meaningful connections with local organizations, and address societal needs. Global University has established strong partnerships with numerous local organizations, non-profits, and government agencies to ensure that students have a wide range of opportunities to engage with the community. These partnerships allow students to contribute their skills and knowledge to tackle real-world problems, while also gaining practical experience and a broader understanding of social issues. Through these partnerships, students actively participate in community projects that directly address societal needs. Another initiative that has made a tangible impact is the student-led project on environmental sustainability. Through partnerships with local environmental organizations, students have organized workshops, awareness campaigns, and clean-up drives to address pressing environmental concerns. Their efforts have not only raised awareness among community members but have also led to policy changes and improved waste management systems in the local area.

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