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MPH Overview

The Master of Public Health (MPH) program is a Four-semester professional degree offering graduate students didactic and experiential training in public health practice, including areas such as epidemiology, infectious disease, outbreak response, applied research, and transformation of science into policy. The objective of the MPH program is to prepare students for careers in public health. This program is of interest to individuals holding an undergraduate degree in science or applied science seeking a career in public health, or to public health professionals (including physicians, veterinarians, nurses, and public health inspectors) wishing to upgrade their skills. The MPH program offers a practicum opportunity that is attractive for students looking for a graduate degree that includes a professional experience; creating a personal competitive advantage in the job market.

Programme Philosophy:

To mould proficient Public Health Practitioners who are life-long learners able and willing to serve as leaders and team players in any environment at any time in order to make a positive difference to people’s health and quality of lives.


Programme Mission:

To produce public health practitioners with competencies to provide leadership to meet current and future public health challenges locally, regionally, and globally.

Programme Goal:

To prepare public health leaders who can contribute to an accelerated movement towards Universal Health Coverage with essential health and related services needed for promotion of a healthy and productive life

Program Objectives:

  • To strengthen capacity for implementation and delivery of quality health services at all levels
  • To train leaders and managers with the capacity and skills to meet the demands arising from the decentralization policy as a model of health service planning and delivery
  • To strengthen the capacity of trainees to carry out public health research;
  • To prepare public health practitioners to work within and a strengthened integrated multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral health system;
  • To enhance capacity to contribute to reduction of morbidity and mortality from current and emerging health challenges;
  • To promote linkages between Global University and the Ministries providing health services in line with the concept of “one health”;
  • To increase awareness and appreciation of the importance of public health as a means to enhance the attractiveness of careers in public health;
  • To promote linkages between institutions providing public health training, locally, regionally and globally.


Coursework and assessment

Assessment is by taught examinations, coursework, assignments, group assessment and presentations.

Course unit details

You will study a total of 180 credits during the course.


The university is open to all students who fulfill the following requirements:

  • Copy and original of Secondary, University Certificates and Transcripts
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Application Letter
  • CV and Experience Letter
  • Admission fee $
  • Passport sized photos
  • File
  • Pass entry exams.

Course Structure:

Semester One

Subject Code

Subject Name


Foundations of Public Health


Basic Epidemiology


Basic Biostatistics


Population Dynamics


Semester Two

Subject Code

Subject Name


Computer Applications in Public Health


Qualitative Research Methods


Environmental and Occupational Health


Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health


Semester Three

Subject Code

Subject Name


Health Systems Analysis


Introduction to Reproductive Health


Child Health programs and Interventions


Applied Epidemiology and Biostatistics


Research Methods


Semester Four

Subject Code

Subject Name


Communicable and Non-communicable Disease Control


Health Education and Health Promotion


Health Systems Management


Health Planning


Proposal and Dissertation writing

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