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What is Master Information Systems?

Master of Information Systems is a specialized master’s degree designed to impart to students the technical expertise and business savvy necessary to analyze, design, deploy, maintain, and manage information systems in industrial, government, and non-profit settings. Prospective students should consider their career goals when researching degree options as information systems programs can vary dramatically.

Some programs are delivered through a Global university and focus more on managing the technology and deployment. Other programs are delivered through a university information systems school or computer science department and cover more technical skills. There are also programs that balance both the technical and business side of IT.

Why Should I Choose This Program?

Let us consider a couple of recently established IT based companies’ worldwide for a moment: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, e-bay, LinkedIn, FourSquare, and Alibaba. The market value of each of these companies is measured in terms of billions of USD. Is this a coincidence or is it the new way of business? We believe that the answer is the latter. As we progress within the new technological era lots of things regarding our lives will dramatically change whether we like it or not. Some of these changes are a way of doing business, social life, entertainment, communication, commercialization, medicine, drug design, education, customer relations, resource planning, logistics, etc.

Thus, “if you are the one who is interested in IT and its application in organizations and have an interest in conducting research, performing excellent teaching, and in helping to invent a future around, applications of IT”, then you have a common passion with us. Just drop by and let’s have a talk. This may be the first step towards an exciting and promising career for you!

Some Reasons to Consider an M.S. in MIS from Global University

Active research projects in healthcare information systems, social media, innovation management, enterprise systems, technology adoption, big data, and cyber-infrastructure,

Research experience in a variety of traditions such as experimental methods, data mining, and its applications, econometric analysis, qualitative case-based research, social media, mobile systems, data governance, design and management of information systems,

Publications in leading journals across multiple disciplines, including all major information systems journals.

Coursework and assessment

Assessment is by taught examinations, coursework, assignments, group assessment and presentations.

Course unit details

You will study a total of 180 credits during the course.


The university is open to all students who fulfill the following requirements:

  • Copy and original of Secondary, University Certificates and Transcripts
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Application Letter
  • CV and Experience Letter
  • Admission fee $
  • Passport sized photos
  • File
  • Pass entry exams.

Semester One

Subject Code

Subject Name


Artificial Intelligence


Computer programmer


data and system


Semester Two

Subject Code

Subject Name


Data Science


Database and Internet Technologies


Health Informatics


Semester Three

Subject Code

Subject Name


Information Security


IT strategy case analysis


Information Systems


Research Methodology


Semester Four

Subject Code

Subject Name


IT project management


Information Systems Management


Project Planning, Analysis, and Management


Software developer


system design and agile management


Master Thesis

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