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The Master of Economics Planning &Policy is a program designed to train students in applied economic analysis with a strong policy orientation. Although some graduates do pursue PhD studies in economics, policy analysis, or related areas, the primary purpose of the program is to prepare students for employment as economic analysts in a variety of public and private-sector organizations. The program is distinguished from traditional public policy programs, which often lack rigorous economic analysis in the policy context. It is distinguished from traditional MA in Economics programs, which commonly provide more abstract technical training, with only limited opportunities to apply this training to “real world” policy problems. The program aims to provide students with graduate-level technical training that has direct policy relevance.

To achieve this, the program offers specially designed courses in microeconomic and macroeconomic theory that emphasize the use of economic theory in the analysis of public policy.


This course is particularly relevant if you wish to work as a professional economist in the private or public sector.

An economics MSc provides a logical and rigorous perspective on human behavior which is valued by a wide-range of employers around the world, in banking, business, consulting, government and academia.


Coursework and assessment

Assessment is by taught examinations, coursework, assignments, group assessment and presentations.

Course unit details

You will study a total of 180 credits during the course.


The university is open to all students who fulfill the following requirements:

  • Copy and original of Secondary, University Certificates and Transcripts
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Application Letter
  • CV and Experience Letter
  • Admission fee $
  • Passport sized photos
  • File
  • Pass entry exams.

Program Structure:

Course Code

First Semester Courses

EPP 501

Microeconomic Theory and Policy

EPP 502

Quantitative Methods

EPP 503

Project Planning and Management

EPP 504

Development Economics

EPP 505

Labour Economics

EPP 506

Health Economics



Course Code

Second Semester Courses

EPP 511

Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

EPP 512


EPP 513

Policy Analysis and Economic Management

EPP 514

Research Methodology

EPP 515

Transport Economics



Course Code

Third Semester Courses

EPP 601

Economic Development Planning and Budgeting

EPP 602

Strategic Planning and Management

EPP 603

Public Sector Economics

EPP 604

Monetary Theory and Policy

EPP 605

International Economics



Course Code

Fourth Semester Courses

EPP 611

Agricultural Economics

EPP 612

Industrial Economics

EPP 613

Resource and Environmental Economics

EPP 614


EPP 615

Master Thesis

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