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Key Highlights

Build your competence in English to work with high-profile companies, foreign clients, perform High Court and Supreme Court work

Enhance your English vocabulary for effective communication in High Courts and Supreme Court

Learn how to write articles like a pro in legally correct English, step by step

Intensive live online classroom training times per week with trainer facilitation

Develop strong listening and conversational skills to improve effectiveness in court, court craft, client calls, meetings, and negotiation situations too.

Practice oratory skills in class to perform better in court, build your video channel, give speeches at events

Focus on building your online profile, credibility and track record as a legal expert while performing these exercises

Learn grammar from the basic to advanced level – never fear being ridiculed.

Practice comprehension based on dense texts from jurisprudence, philosophy, legal scholars and long judgments – learn how to detect and frame unique and powerful arguments

Who should take this course?

  • Lawyers who want to move from practicing law in various vernacular languages in local courts to practicing in the High Court or Supreme Court where English is mandatory.
  • Law students who are struggling to get jobs or internships due to the language being a barrier.
  • Lawyers who want to work on their business communication, oratory, and writing skills
  • students who studied in the vernacular medium and are not able to access opportunities due to the language being a barrier.
  • Highly recommended if you are looking to migrate to English speaking countries as a lawyer or going to such countries for higher studies.

What benefits can you expect from the course?

  • Rapidly discover your weakest areas and frequently made mistakes and fix them for once and all.
  • Write and speak flawless English within months.
  • A smooth shift from drafting and arguing in vernacular languages to perfect English
  • Learn oratory skills so that you can do better, give speeches in events and gatherings, develop your own social media presence through video communication, get more clients with higher-paying capacity.
  • You will be able to communicate with foreign and English speaking clients effectively.
  • You will drastically improve your communication as you will be more coherent, confident and clear, leading to greater success in your career.
  • You will develop strong listening skills and conversational skills that would make you a better, client calls, meetings, and in negotiation situations too.
  • Better communication skills will make you a better colleague at the workplace, a more effective leader to your juniors, and a more interesting person in your social circles.
  • You will be able to draft in perfect English, in a concise and precise language that will bring you admiration from your peers, judges, and clients.
  • Weekly vocabulary exercises, phrasal verbs, grammar and syntax training

What are the skills you can expect to learn?

  • Develop a powerful vocabulary that helps you express nuances and finer points of your arguments and ideas precisely.
  • How to use the appropriate language for various specific legal scenarios.
  • Effective communication in client counselling.
  • Writing notices and replies.
  • Drafting documents in perfect English.
  • Command over important technical terms and jargons.
  • Communication in mediation.
  • Use of language and communication skills in negotiations.
  • Article writing. 
  • Communication for business development.
  • Crafting powerful courtroom arguments.
  • Enhancing the delivery of arguments and responding to questions.
  • Communication skills for impactful business meetings with corporate clients.
  • How to prepare for meetings and personal interviews.
  • Preparation and delivery for job interviews.

What is the course methodology?

  • Audiolingual method – Using this method, a learner will be able to listen and speak much before reading or writing. It ensures that the session isn’t only focused on textual understanding, but also on comprehending the set data.
  • Oral and situational language teaching – This is based on a structural view of language. Speech, structures and focus on a set of basic vocabulary items are seen as the basis of language teaching. An analysis of English and a classification of its prominent grammatical structures into sentence patterns. It ensures that learners internalize grammar rules.
  • Grammar translation – the transition from control structures to the freer practice of structures, and from oral use of sentence patterns to automatic use in speech, reading, and writing.
  • Task-based language teaching
  • Extremely interactive
  • Immersive method

What is unique about the course?

  • Every week, you will work on one writing assignment, one editing exercise and one public speaking exercise based on a weekly learning objective
  • We will work on a new theme every month, and cover a different legal situation or settings. For instance, if the theme in January would be cross-examination, in February it could be job interviews, in March it could be communicating with journalists and in April you may work on different kinds of notices.
  • The goal of this course is not to teach you any legal work, but the English language and communication skills you need to succeed as a lawyer and these various legal tasks and situations only provide a context to this language and communications tutorials.


The university is open to all students who fulfill the following requirements:

  • Copy and original of Secondary, University Certificates and Transcripts
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Application Letter
  • Admission fee $
  • Passport sized photos
  • File
  • Pass entry exams.

Coursework and assessment

Assessment is by taught examinations, coursework, assignments, group assessment and presentations.

Diploma in English Communication Skills

Duration: 4 Semesters

Course Units: 22

Department: BM

Course Structure

Course Code

Course Title



Effective Listening & Speaking Skills I



Expository Writing I



Fundamentals Of Communication



Grammar In Action I



Introduction to Psychology



Effective Listening & Speaking Skills II



Grammar In Action II



Introduction to Communication Theories



Office Applications Software



Presentation Skills



Reading Skills



Study Skills



Desktop Publishing



Effective Articulation



Expository Writing II



Oral Communication in Business



Introduction to Report Writing



Negotiation for Success



Human Communication



Principles of Management



Organizational Communication



Psychology of Communication


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