About Us


Our History

Global University was established in 2014, in the Somalia. It was founded with the vision of providing quality higher education to students around the world. The university offers a wide range of degree programs in various disciplines, including business, education, theology, and psychology. 

Mission and Values

Global University mission is to provide accessible, high-quality education on a global scale. We aim to empower individuals from all backgrounds with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in their personal and professional lives. Our mission is built on the core values of inclusivity, innovation, and excellence.

Campus Facilities

Global University prides itself on its state-of-the-art campus facilities, which are designed to provide students with a comfortable and conducive environment for learning and personal development. Some of the key facilities available on campus include: modern classrooms, labs, and student support services.

Our Programs


BA & Management Science

Develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the fast-paced world of business.

Computer Science

Explore the latest technologies and innovations in computer science and software development.

Health Sciences

Prepare for a rewarding career in healthcare with our comprehensive health sciences programs.


Engineers use their knowledge and skills to solve complex problems, analyze and interpret data, create innovative solutions, and ensure the safety and efficiency of projects.


cultivation and production of plants, animals, and other food sources for human consumption. It involves various activities such as farming, crop cultivation, livestock rearing, and forestry.

Marine/ Maritime Science

Marine scientists conduct research to answer questions about marine life, the impacts of human activities on the oceans, and the potential for sustainable resource management.


Husbandry practices can vary depending on the type of animals involved and may include techniques like selective breeding, vaccination, and proper nutrition.

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine encompasses various specialties, including small animal medicine, equine medicine, poultry medicine, and exotic animal medicine, among others.

Social Sciences

These fields conduct research and employ different methodologies to understand and analyze issues related to social structures, cultural norms, human relationships. 

Medicine and Surgery

 It involves learning about various medical conditions, diagnosing diseases, prescribing medications, and performing surgeries.

Law and sharia

The Law and Sharia program aims to explore the principles and applications of Islamic law, known as Sharia, in the context of legal systems around the world. 


Education aims to improve the overall education system by advocating for educational policies and providing resources and training for educators.

Why choose Global University?


Excellent Employment Prospects

Our graduates are highly sought after by top employers around the world.

Diverse and Inclusive Community

Join a welcoming community of students from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Research Opportunities

Engage in cutting-edge research projects with renowned faculty members.

Student Life


Campus Clubs

Get involved in a variety of clubs and organizations that cater to your interests and hobbies.

Student Support Services

Take advantage of our comprehensive range of support services to help you succeed academically and personally.

Sports and Recreation

Stay active and healthy with our state-of-the-art fitness facilities and wide range of sports programs.

News and Events


Latest News

Stay updated with the latest news and announcements from Global University.

Upcoming Events

Discover exciting events happening on campus, from academic seminars to cultural festivals.

Student Achievements

Celebrate the accomplishments of our students in various fields of study and extracurricular activities.

Experience a world-class education. Join Global University and unlock endless possibilities for your future.

Your Gateway to a World of Knowledge and Endless Opportunities!

Our Facilities

Libraries and Resource Centers

We have extensive libraries and resource centers that provide students with a wide range of study materials, research databases, and online resources.


For students pursuing science, engineering, or medical majors, we have fully-equipped laboratories where they can conduct experiments and engage in practical learning.

Student Centers

Our student centers serve as vibrant spaces for students to socialize, unwind, and engage in various activities. These centers may include lounges, cafeterias, recreational areas, and meeting rooms.

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